*WOW* Actor Jon Voight: “Israel should…nuke her enemies.”

Jon Voight

Actor Jon Voight

Check this out!  A short Re-post from actor Jon Voight on his Facebook page just now!


Israel should win decisively and nuke her enemies. It’s coming anyway from Iran so I have been told by a friend in the Knesset, Israel is waiting for the next US president to finally win the war. Do not forget that Von Braun (and Albert & Co.) was working for Hitler and it was a matter of days and the Nazis would have nuked the allies, from London to New York without any hesitation.

Realpolitik takes guts and the Israelis have them but are being very careful not to jump to conclusions but when push comes to shove Israel will pulverize all the Arab hypocrites who support terror just to be left alone drinking wine and chasing whores in London and Paris.
Facts are facts and that’s realpolitik meine liebe!



(Re-posted without edit from his public Facebook page)


7 Responses to *WOW* Actor Jon Voight: “Israel should…nuke her enemies.”

  1. I second your comment Paul, except for the part about excellent actor– he is being himself in the nasty roles he mostly plays, no stretch there! Watch Ray Donovan– he’s the most calculating murderer and narcissist imaginable.

  2. JV really IS exactly like Mickey on Ray Donovan– a bastard, not to mention the worst father (in real life too)! If Israel nukes its enemies, what about the other, non-muslim people in those countries (like the Christians, etc)? And why doesn’t Israel come to the aid of all the Christians in Syria and other countries who are being murdered by ISIS/Islamists? Christians are so beholden to Israel, yet THEY don’t help Christians in the places where they are most persecuted and helpless. And this sad story applies to American Christians too– where are all the well-armed “Christian soldiers” to help their brethren in the Middle East?

  3. Dont be mad at him saying that. yur not a bright lightbulb, look, Its going to happen anyway, Its even mentioned in the book of Joel,God allows it to happen to punish his enemys,If yur still mad , Then Ignorance is yur tragic nature. God Bless n seek him,He will change yu for the Better.

  4. An amazzing aktor, On The Champ, da cene ware he dies, n Rik Shroeder,made me shed tears.Hes number one, in hollywood.

  5. I agree with you Mr. Voight.

  6. I’ve seen thus FB page. Are you sure it’s really HIS page. Anyone could take your pic and start a page.

  7. You are an excellent actor and I have enjoyed most of your films immensely. I do ask that you refrain from making such insane recommendations and especially citing Hitler and stick to what you know and do best. Have you ever heard of the “Nuclear holocaust” theory? Your death wish is something that I believe most would not agree with nor certainly do I.

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