Prominent Lib Professor to testify against Obama Rule


Constitutional Law Scholar Jonathan Turley, a prominent supporter of the Obama administration, has seen enough.

The highly sought law professor will testify in front of Congress to the crisis Barack Obama has created with Presidential overreach and executive orders.

What we are witnessing today is one of the greatest challenges to our constitutional system in the history of this country,” Mr. Turley said in a prepared testimony, saying it began with previous presidents but under Mr. Obama has “reached a constitutional tipping point that threatens a fundamental change in how our country is governed.”

Amongst many scandals that will plague the country for years after Obama is gone, delaying ‘by pen’ the implementation of a Congressional Law (Affordable Care Act) stands out with an ugly prominence.

(Turley) will say President Obama is trampling the founders’ vision for the country in his push to circumvent Congress, and he will demand Republicans and Democrats alike forget their party labels to unify against this White House’s power grab.

But it didn’t start there.

Obama used executive privilege to block the turning over of documents from Attorney General Eric Holder during the Fast and Furious investigation.  Executive privilege can be invoked when the President is involved.

But the President claimed no knowledge of the program, whereby making executive privilege unlawful.

And many have had enough.

Republicans, who control the House, have run up against roadblocks in the Democratic-controlled Senate. They want the courts to intervene in part to elevate the fight above election politics and help recalibrate a balance of powers that’s skewed deeply toward the White House in recent decades.

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