**Border Crisis** Shocking Ad surfaces in Murrietta CA

Murrietta protestors turn back illegal immigrants

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A stunning newspaper ad has surfaced in the town of Murrietta, California.  The town, which has just gained national attention for protesting the relocation of illegal children and adults to their community, had thought their efforts were successful.

Or, were they?

A newspaper ad surfaced which may in fact be exposing an Obama administration planned integration for the illegal immigrants.

Murrieta, CA- An ad in the local Penny Saver in Murrieta, California caught the attention of residents today. The ad, which was put up by the Crittenton Services and Foster Family Agency or (FFA) claims to be looking for families who will help provide homes for foster children as well as for “unaccompanied refugee minors”.

The story, which was broke by BenSwann.com, was investigated by the online publication with phone calls to the Crittenton agency that posted the ad.  What they were told is shocking:

We questioned the person on the line about the requirements for those who would sign up. Any applicant must pass a criminal background check and take 4 classes, the next of which will be two days from now. As for who is paying for all of this? We were told that for normal foster services, the reimbursement is provided by a series of state and local grants but in the case of the “unaccompanied refugee minors”, 100% of the reimbursement will come from the federal government. (emphasis added)

You can see the ad and learn more here.


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