Actor James Woods say’s DON’T impeach: *Tweets why*

Actor James Woods has no love for President Obama.  Everyone knows that.  But, he says NOT to impeach him in a tweet.  And he gives a reason others are grabbing on to as well:

Impeach Obama

James Woods says don’t impeach Obama

Let Dems explain THAT legacy in 2016.”

Let’s read into that statement deeper:

Would following thru with impeachment actually martyr the guy in the eyes of the blinded that (stupidly) hung their future with him?

There is no doubt the tide is turning on Obama.  From calls on the left for him to get more engaged in the border crisis, to the lingering Benghazi investigation and the call to arrest Lois Lerner.  Even a Quinnipiac poll in the last two weeks discovered Americans think he is the worst president since WWII.

Would impeaching him under this diving legacy give him a needed rebound on the way out?

It’s an interesting argument.  If he can’t even be impeached before his time is up, would that backfire?  Look how long the Benghazi and IRS investigations have taken.




10 Responses to Actor James Woods say’s DON’T impeach: *Tweets why*

  1. Leaving the POTUS in will actually let him build more distance. It is only the liberals who feel a warm fuzzy for the man and that love is slowly dying as it would seem they are finally realizing the damage the POTUS is doing to the Democratic party due to his failures at leading this country.

  2. Impeach BHO and ya end up with….. the Clown Prince of Delaware….

  3. I think EVERYTHING hinges on Republicans (hopefully more of the TEA Party variety and not RINOS) winning control of the Senate AND House in November….otherwise, this country truly is doomed!

  4. Woods is right on the money! …Besides, Biden would just give him an Executive Pardon! …Plus we don’t need ‘just’ Obama out of office – we need him, his appointees and his 47 czars!

  5. As long as the democrats control the Senate, there is no way to ever impeach Obama……Even if the house gets the required charges of impeachment through, the Senate will not vote to impeach…….Just like the Senate didn’t vote to impeach Clinton……..A WASTE OF TIME AND RESOURCES…..but if we get a Republican Senate in 2014 election and hold the house, I believe we should demand impeachment regardless of the racial problems it would create….We could then expose the left for just how ideologically bankrupt they are.

  6. If we cannot impeach him in time to save who we are….lock his ass up…He is killing this Country ….

  7. I agree, all those who still blindly follow this Ahole and i don’t know why, but we still have those out there who believe they are “owed” something,So go figure Let’s his ass go out disgraced and even more hated then Bush..

  8. Actually, I never even considered the idea that impeaching this President might actually help him. The martyr aspect never even entered my thinking. So much to think about, my head is spinning.

  9. the problem with Woods’ suggestion is that there may not be a 2016 election. If things get bad enough, obama can declare Martial Law and elections are halted indefinitely. WE cannot wait for 2016, we may not have a country left that is recognizable or elections. HE HAS TO GO NOW. IMPEACHMENT OR MILITARY REMOVAL.

  10. Impeach his vile ass, put a leash on Biden until he gives grounds for his own impeachment, then let the next in line finish out the final lame duck years of this corrupt regime.

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