*OUCH*: Libs scream ‘racism’ over Obama float in parade

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Truth?  Satire?  Or was it racist?

Democrats have erupted in a furor over a float in a town parade in Norfolk, Nebraska.

It depicted the Obama Presidential library as an outhouse.  Seemingly, expressing they think his tenure as President is full of s***.

The Nebraska Democratic Party roundly condemned the float:

“There is a level of respect for the office of the Presidency which should not be crossed,” Dan Marvin, NDP Executive Director, said according to KLKN-TV. “It’s beyond disappointing the City of Norfolk, Neb., it’s [sic] officials and citizens would allow such a thing.”

Glory Kathurima, a black woman living in Norfolk, attended the parade with her nine year-old daughter. “I’m ashamed, I’m appalled,” she said. “You see people laughing and pointing at it, smiling, looking positive about it. I immediately felt sick to my stomach…I knew what that meant, and I knew there was no sort of political statement being made by an image like that.”

But the town overwhelmingly approved of the float, which took honorable mention honors.  And saw it as little more than a 1st Amendment joke:

Parade committee member Rick Konopasek told the Lincoln Journal Star the parade was not meant to be any more offensive than a political cartoon.

“It’s obvious the majority of the community liked it,” Konopasek said. “So should we deny the 95 percent of those that liked it their rights, just for the 5 percent of people who are upset?”

“We don’t feel it’s right to tell someone what they can and can’t express,” he told the Journal-Star. “This was political satire. If we start saying no to certain floats, we might as well not have a parade at all.”

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