Disgraced! Feminist post re: SCOTUS ruling shocks readers


An appalling TWEET today after the Supreme Courts decision on freedom of religion;  The Guardian writer Jessica Valenti has twitter followers shocked, angry and down right disgusted with a hate post against religious freedom.

“Maybe Women Should Organize A F*ck-In At Every Hobby Lobby Across The Country”

Jessica valenti hate speech

Hate tweet from religious persecution supporter Jessica Valenti of The Guardian.

You can see the responses, and voice your opinion directly to Jessica Valenti here.


11 Responses to Disgraced! Feminist post re: SCOTUS ruling shocks readers

  1. Still sayin’

  2. How disgusting! You do not represent the gay community in a favorable light. No wonder people are tired of hearing it!!

  3. You had better bring a bunch of paper bags and alcohol!

  4. Grow up and try real hard to make intelligent and valuable comments worth responding to. You don’t represent me with this filth.

  5. You don’t speak for every woman your a disgrace. I don’t want to be like you. Take away a freedom and they aremgoingmto come back for more. Your a disgrace.

  6. For many, many years…. Myself and my company have continued to openly support the GLBT, Feminism, and Social Justice agendas. After this comment, after this post, NO MORE. I am sick and tired of the Christian Bashing, Muslim Supporting, Gay Lifestyle is wonderful, “You better tolerate us, but we won’t tolerate you”, Boycott anything and everyone agenda that people like you shove down our throats everyday. Don’t like Hobby Lobby don’t shop/work there! Don’t like Chick Fil A being closed on Sunday? Then don’t work/eat there.

  7. she would have to pay someone to fuck her

  8. Some day young lady you are going to really wish you hadn’t said that.

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