Lib. U students fight back: Against…Hillary?!

Hillary Clinton dead broke

Hillary Clinton faces 2014 criticism from students for her outrageous speaking fees at universities.

WHO SAW THIS ONE COMING? Imagine this: You get Hillary Clinton to come speak to your students (for a $225,000 fee) for their ‘benefit’. But one thing is changing:

Some students, facing a 17% hike in tuition, want her to PAY THE FEE BACK.


From Yahoo News: “The difference is that some students – facing a 17 percent tuition hike over the next four years – have asked her to give the money back, and that is it now increasingly open season on Clinton.”

The ‘dead broke’ presidential candidate has made tens of millions of dollars of fees off of speaking engagements, many of that from liberal universities.

UNLV is no different. But a group of students there might just be a contributing factor to her collapsing favorability ratings.

“All of these things might have had a cumulative effect. In 2012, during her time as secretary of State, Clinton enjoyed favorable ratings of 70 percent. A Bloomberg poll released this month has her ratings down to 52 percent.”

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