‘O’ admin: ‘Illegal Immigration’ now ‘Unlawful Migration’. Here’s. What’s. NEXT:


June 20, 2014 ~ From The Weekly Standard:

The White House is now using the phrase “unlawful migration” instead of the more commonly heard phrase “illegal immigration.” The new term is used in a readout of a phone call President Obama had yesterday with President Peña Nieto of Mexico.

Don’t even LET this crap get started! What’s comes next???

“Freedom of religion” becomes “Memorize the Koran.”

“Right to bear arms” becomes “Legalized S.W.A.T. Entrance”

“Right to remain silent” becomes “We’ve read your emails”

“In God We Trust” becomes “8 more years”

“Freedom of the Press” becomes “Apply at MSNBC”

We all know where this will end up:

“Presidential Library” will become “World’s Largest Mosque”


Your thoughts!