Lois Lerner *update*: And there’s more… #IRSgate

Lois Lerner harddrive

Just when you thought you were tired of the circus:  Investigators now say that it will be almost impossible to retrieve copies of the reported hundreds of emails between Lois Lerner, embattled figure in IRSgate, and Obama administration officials.

The hard drive has been recycled.

Take a look:

Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s crashed hard drive has been recycled, making it likely the lost emails of the lightening rod in the tea party targeting controversy will never be found, according to multiple sources.

“We’ve been informed that the hard drive has been thrown away,” Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, the top Republican on the Finance Committee, said in a brief hallway interview.

Anyone surprised?

“IT experts have weighed in and said yes — we can get those” emails, said Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.) earlier Wednesday.

Not anymore.


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11 Responses to Lois Lerner *update*: And there’s more… #IRSgate

  1. I guess I don’t have to hold on to my tax information for 5 years anymore because when the IRS comes to audit me or inquire about information I’ll just say my hard drive crashed and was recycled.. Since precedent has been set by the IRS they will not be able to prosecute people anymore…

  2. psssssttttt Their on a server somewhere,THATS HOW EMAIL WORKS! I make a email, it goes to a server farm,someone receives the email. Just because her computer ‘Crashed’ does not mean its gone….its pretty simple people! IF this was the case hundreds of thousands of emails would be missing,and thats not even true because THEIR BACKED UP ON TAPE! LIES LIES LIES!!!! Ok Ill sit here and await my IRS audit for speaking up.

  3. I have no doubt they were destroyed intentionally, along with the cooperation of the other 6 IRS people, IT Specialest at the IRS, Holders appointed investigator and most likely someone from the FBI IT. but there is more then one way to find out. first subpena the NSA for any email data from lerner, appoint a real IT specialest to look for it on the server, next subpena the harddrives or emails from those that we already know were contacted by lerner and the other 6 missing hard drives, such as, FEC, Washington IRS, congressman cummings, obama campaign staff, DOJ, etc. check those for starters, do not take redacted emails. then look at the addressees to see if there is possible other agency/people invilved then go after their hard drives. i guarantee you one of those actions will come up with all her emails. yeah it will take a little time, but it is worth it to bring out the corruption of the IRS and this president. they didnt just stop when nixon used the IRS against his enemies. by the way, she was required by law to maintain paper copies of all emails (must of got destroyed too) and there is supposed to be backups to the backups. so anyone saying they cant be found isnt looking.

  4. The only people that take the 5th are guilty.If your innocent why not tell the truth and clear your name.Obama is more corrupt than Nixon and this e-mail scandal is impeachable just like the tapes were for Nixon.

  5. We the people need to stop paying taxes for a year until we get answers REMEMBER THESE CORRUPT IDIOTS WORK FOR US NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!!

  6. What’s to stop American Tax Payer’s using exact same tactic? Sorry can’t find 2 years of W2’s, 1099’s, 401k’s and bank records all gone and recycled.

  7. They should have all of this backed up somewhere…heck, even all school emails, by law have to be backed up permanently.

  8. should have impounded the complete computer from the get go. the IRS would have seized all your property if you were being investigated. But what can you expect from the established GOP, no balls and less action

  9. the emails are on the server.. it is a circus!

  10. There are backups of the backups, I call BS…… But the investigators better hurry before obama and his people figure out they have other records to find and destroy….

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