*GASP* We have to thank a CA Judge? Say it ain’t so!

Teachers and students from California de

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In a ruling that shocked anyone with a pulse, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu found five California laws governing the hiring and firing of teachers unconstitutional.

After years of powerful teacher’s unions bullying parents and buying off politicians via ‘contributions’, the judge struck down a law that basically protected tenure.

And there’s more coming.  This from Politico:

They took a big hit Tuesday when a California judge struck down five laws they had championed to protect teachers’ jobs.  The Supreme Court could deliver more bad news as early as next week, in a case that could knock a huge hole in union budgets.

It’s not often a judge in liberal America recognizes how much danger the power of unions has over America.  But this one did.  The ruling was pointed, and specific:

Treu found that the statutes permit too many grossly incompetent teachers to remain in classrooms across the state — and found that those teachers shortchange their students by putting them months or years behind their peers in math and reading.


Though the ruling was couched as “preliminary,” there was nothing tentative about Treu’s opinion. He found “no dispute that there are a significant number of grossly ineffective teachers currently active in California classrooms” and that the legal system protects them by making it all but impossible for districts to fire even the worst teachers.

That’s got some teeth.  Appeal coming?


6 Responses to *GASP* We have to thank a CA Judge? Say it ain’t so!

  1. I agree the unions and federal govt. have too much power and control of everything. However, please quit bashing teachers. Both sides of the debate use teachers as scapegoats, which is easier than solving problems. As a thirty year veteran in education with masters degree, I have yet to earn more than $50,000 as a base salary. I usually work two jobs during school year and teach summer school during break because I need the extra salary. I work many unpaid hours to plan, prepare, and create learning activities that I feel will interest and challenge my 11th grade English students. Every teacher I know works just as hard and cares just as much as I do. Students are different from those in the past; Every school day, my dignity and credibility is challenged by some entitled student who believes she/he knows more than I can teach her/him.. Although I love my profession, a little more support from parents, community, and media would go a long way to help solve real problems in education

  2. Massive salaries? Where? From what I see if teachers were paid hourly they would be at about minimum wage…

  3. I have a close fiend that recently retired from LAUSD. He talks about how teachers abuse the overtime system and do nothing while they collect the hours. He personally retired with a pension of over 80% of his over $100,000 salary plus healthcare plus $200,000 plus. He says his only regret was not submitting for higher managerial status so he could have collected far more. He also talks about the “rubber room” where they send problem case teachers to do nothing while they continue to collect their massive salaries. Rarely do any get fired at all no matter how serious an offense they have committed. If ever a conflict arises the teacher just gets the union involved and then they go about their business of sucking us and our children dry. I personally have been told by the SEIU that “we represent you whether you like it or not.” STOP THE MADNESS!! NOW!!

  4. They used to always say get involved as a parent. The few times I did it was like being in a pit of vipers that were protecting their empire. When I explained I was only there for the sake of helping my child all the suits left the meeting but one teacher. On another occasion when I found notes of my sons that indicated he was having sex on campus without listening further the denials came flooding across the table – “there is no place to have sex on campus…blah blah blah – no help at all. Then I was interrogated as to why my son seemed so forlorn as if they wanted to see if I had issued any corporal punishment or not. The power by state law mandate to report any corporal punishment has gone to the heads of many of these academics that have no real world experience and would put freudian theory above any parent anytime. When I suggested removing my son I was threatened with – “I want him in school tomorrow.” The system is out of control. They say they want involvement but you had better tread lightly

  5. This is really interesting. I think the most important thing a school can do (that doesn’t require much funding) is encouraging parents/guardians to be involved with their kids’ education. If parents don’t care, then the kids probably won’t either. No amount of money will fix that.

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