CHECK. YOUR. SCHOOL: Student uncovers sick, pro-liberal agenda in H.S.


Andrew Lampart, a student at NONNEWAUG HIGH SCHOOL in Woodbury, Connecticut, had to do a paper on the gun control ‘debate’.  So he went to work in school on his project.

He gets on the school network.  What he found was appalling:

NRA site?  BLOCKED.  GOP website?  BLOCKED.

He expanded his search, seeing a trend.

Right to Life sites?  BLOCKED.  BLOCKED.  Vatican?  BLOCKED.

But, guess what:

Planned parenthood, Moms Demand Action, Newton Action Alliance, and other progressive liberal sites ALL WORKED.

Here’s more:

“I immediately found out that the State Democrat website was unblocked but the State GOP website was blocked,” he told WTIC.

“They’re trying to, in my opinion, shelter us from what’s actually going on around the country and around the world by blocking these websites,” Lampart told WTIC. “It should be the other way around. The websites should be unblocked so that students can get different viewpoints from different sides of each argument.

Smart young man, he went right to the Board of Education.

The chairman seemed to take Lampart’s concerns to heart. “It’s not a joking matter in terms of having access to both sides of an issue,” replied John Chapman, adding later in an email to WTIC that “the Board appreciated hearing the comments from Andrew and agree that he has raised an important issue that warrants further investigation.”

The Blaze got on this story, and pushed further:

TheBlaze on Wednesday reached out to Superintendent Jody Goeler for more information.  He replied saying, “This is what has occurred up to this point:

A student brought to my attention that sites appeared to be filtered based upon political bias.
I immediately brought this concern to our IT department to get more information on the filtering process.

District leadership is following up with Dell Sonic Wall at this time to evaluate the complaint and provide an appropriate corrective action on their end.

It continues to be of prime importance to all of us that all students and staff have access to a broad view of ideas and a wide range of resources. We need to know that the content filtering service we choose is unbiased and will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure this.”

People, we have to watch these progressives and their agenda at every turn.  They are ruthless, they are controlling and will do anything to push that agenda.

Time for a little research at your own kids’ school, perhaps?


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  1. I’m appalled! I graduated in 1987, and this never would have happened at that time, even if we had had the internet access that the kids have now.

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