*Changing Nation*: BIG problems W/USPTO cancelling Redskins trademark


In a ruling Wednesday, the United States Patent and Trademark Office cancelled six trademarks of the Washington Redskins professional football team. The suit was brought by 5 Native Americans, who filed a complaint saying it was ‘offensive’.

Will the suit lead to even more lawsuits versus the team, seeking monetary damages for ‘pain and suffering’ for their years of use?

There’s more:  HUNDREDS of high school, junior college and universities have names associated with Native Americans, Latino’s, women and so on.

So what happens now to the:

Minnesota Vikings?  Can 5 Scandinavians bring a complaint saying the horns and battle axe of the Vikings mascot portrays them as brutal murderer’s?  What about the Kansas City Chiefs-Offensive?

What about:

Florida State Seminoles (Native Americans); San Diego Padres (Latinos); Duke Blue Devils (Christians)?

BUT WAIT, here’s where it gets real tricky:

Tax payer money helped finance the new Minnesota Vikings football stadium.  Does the Nike service mark, ‘Just Do It’ promote fornication amongst our youth?  Would we have to throw Nike out, and off of the jerseys?  Can 5 concerned parents now challenge that?

I want to see how big of a deal this is to everyone.  Feel free to enter your comments and thoughts in the reply box below.






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  1. Sean do you know the names of the five individuals who brought the suit, i’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it?

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