*RUH ROH*: 6 MORE employees in growing IRS scandal missing emails


“Sometimes, stuff just happens.”  Those were the words of Lois Lerner, key figure in the IRS targeting scandal to the computer tech staff in 2011 looking into her alleged computer crash.  The crash is ‘reported’ to have caused 2 years of important emails to vanish, needed in the scandals investigation.  Now, it appears the scandal is once again growing.

2 top congressional members of the House Ways and Means committee discovered more individuals with missing emails include Nikole Flax, who was chief of staff to Lerner’s boss, then-deputy commissioner Steven Miller.

In total, 6 more IRS employees tied to the investigation have emails that ‘vanished’ in the reported computer crashing.

Miller went on later to become acting IRS commissioner, but was forced to resign in the conservative targeting scandal.

From WAPO:  Investigators from the House Ways and Means Committee interviewed IRS technicians Monday. The technicians said they first realized that Lerner’s emails were lost in February or March — months before they informed congressional investigators, said a statement by two top Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee, chairman Dave Camp of Michigan and subcommittee chairman Charles Boustany of Louisiana.

Lerner, thus far the primary focus of congressional investigators, has refused to testify and has pleaded the Fifth when called before Congress.  President Obama stated there wasn’t a ‘smidgeon’ of corruption in the targeting; insinuating it was much ado about nothing to Fox News Bill O’Reilly.

And Attorney General Holder has refused to appoint a special prosecutor.

“It looks like the American people were lied to and the IRS tried to cover up the fact it conveniently lost key documents in this investigation,” the statement by Camp and Boustany said. “The White House promised full cooperation, the commissioner promised full access to Lois Lerner emails and now the agency claims it cannot produce those materials and they’ve known for months they couldn’t do this.”

This is far from over.

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  1. Members of Congress are WHIMPS. Why wasn’t a sbpoena issued to seize the computers in question? The FBI lab can recover information from crashed computers, why aren’t they involved? This is getting to be a big joke. Every morning Obama and the white house staff have a good laugh over the CONGRESS FUMBLERS. How can you members of Congress get up every morning and look at yourselves in a mirror? You are making a mockery of the law’s that you wrote and inacted. No wonder the voters are fed up with Washington politics, It’s a Farce, it’s a Joke, it’s a Lie. I have lost faith in our political system and the people who are in it.

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