OBAMA out does even himself: $$ Shocker in Iraq

ISIS Guerilla in Iraq

Photo: Reuters

Stinger missiles, and now THIS??  Buried in this past weekend headlines:  President Obama may have accomplished something even he will find jaw-dropping:  Already flush with U.S. cash to buy off opposing commanders, ISIS guerilla’s have now become the world’s richest terror group from an astonishing $450 MILLION dollar Iraqi bank heist, states Mosul Mayor Athier Nujaifi.

Did you catch that?  Let’s try this again:

President Barack Obama’s premature pullout of Iraq has made the terrorist guerrilla group ISIS over 10X wealthier than Osama Bin Laden.

The same group that now has U.S. Stinger missile technology, which can blow commercial airplanes out of the air from 2 miles away.

And to make matters worse for women, ISIS and the insurgent Sunni terrorists are declaring Sharia Law over the nearly 1/3 of Iraq they now control.

On Thursday, ISIS declared Shariah law was in effect in the areas they controlled, outlawed other forms of Islamic worship and ordered women to wear the hijab – a traditional Muslim head and body covering. They also declared that no other armed forces would be tolerated except ISIS.

The terrorists, on their march towards the Capitol of Baghdad, have been posting numerous photos and videos of soldier exectutions in the thousands.  Iraqi soldiers are beginning to surrender and turn over their U.S. weapons, rather than be murdered.

An Iraqi soldier who surrendered to ISIS in Mosul told NBC News he was ashamed of his actions but was following his commanding officer’s orders. Hussein al-Shiblie claimed that the officers in Mosul appeared to have a deal with ISIS.

Armed with so much cash, that is hardly surprising…

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  1. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PJp2a9KkNsk i find music helps me speak. Rolling Stones”You make a grown man cry” in my case a grown woman cry.

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