CAUGHT: Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the Siskel and Ebert of Youtube


Hillary Clinton warned us within hours:  “It was an offensive, hateful video…”

Since that day in mid September 2012, the FBI and other government agencies have been scouring the globe, looking for a video critic-turned “Mastermind” that planned the Massacre at Benghazi.

Susan Rice made back to back to back to back (hold on, let me count) to back television appearances to reaffirm the Secretary of States remarks.  While denying any real-time intelligence from the ground (which allegedly ‘prohibited us from sending help’), they were able to able to determine that ‘it was a hateful video’.

A video made in some suburb in California, so infuriated film critic Ahmed Abu-Youtubi that he got a few hundred veteran terrorists to ‘go out for a walk’, spontaneously bump into the US consulate and CIA annex then proceed to blow the living bacon out of both.

(Boy:  This guy would be a REAL catch if your political world was ever in complete meltdown.)


Many months ago, a network tv station found this elusive genius while doing nothing more than handing out business cards in Iraq.  They interviewed him, and suggested he couldn’t tie his shoelaces with 4 hands.

Yet today:


Yessir.  Without interrogating this guy they just got into custody, the State Department has already labeled him a Mastermind.  Like instantly blaming a video without having real time intelligence on the ground, they apparently already know and don’t need to credibly explain why.

Hmm, was it the tv interview?  Was it solved by another ‘videotape’?

More to come…


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3 Responses to CAUGHT: Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the Siskel and Ebert of Youtube

  1. Obviously they meant “Megamind”

  2. It’s like a bad b rated day time drama unfolding in real time…the only problem is their script writers stink to high heaven, you’d think they could do something original instead of one day the house is burning and no one can be saved the next day the dog eats the home work. the only thing that is close to original is we see in real time the fundamental change in our country!

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