As the Border Crisis explodes in the face of the Obama administration, an alleged terrorist responsible in part for the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi has been arrested, and is on a U.S. Navy ship headed to the United States.

Fox News reports the man, Ahmed Abu Khatallah, was captured on Sunday June 15th 2014.  The NY Times had interviewed this man almost a year ago, in which he stated he was just an observer to the massacre.  It is unclear if the Obama administration followed up at that time and speak with, or detain the individual.

Rear Admiral John Kirby, press secretary for the Pentagon states that all U.S. personnel involved ‘have safely departed Libya.’

This is breaking news, more to come.

**UPDATE:  Waiting for a State Dept. briefing at 12:45 pm eastern.



  1. IF this man really dose know anything about Benghazi look for him to mysteriously fall overboard

  2. Is this really breaking news? I’m so tired of watching this administration continue to pull the smoke and mirror routine over this great country. If this was such a big deal and so important, they would put him on a plane and bring him here quickly to bring him to justice. This is just another things to keep this administration from being on the front page about pulling out of Iraq and all the deaths over there that can be attributed to the current admin pulling out and leaving them helpless. Talking about throwing someone to the wolves…..That is what we did to Iraq. Now Iran, is involved and we have to work with them……Its a JOKE!!!!

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