Don’t like school shootings? Texas teachers’ plan is working!

Back in Dec. 14, 2012 a school shooting occured in Newton, CT.  A horrified nation watched as the news unfolded:  20 students dead, 6 more faculty and a shooter.  It was a truly terrible time.

In the heels of that shooting, some states decided to blame the guns involved instead of the shooters.  Tougher laws were enacted in New York, Pennsylvania, California and other states which provided for more control over the ammunition, magazines, type of weapon and number of chambered bullets.  Regulating, of course, only law abiding gun owners.

But shootings nationwide continued.

Enter the Union Grove School district in Texas!  The month after the Newton tragedy, they passed a resolution to ARM their school district.  While other schools and states were taking guns away from their citizens, Union Grove was yelling ‘saddle up’!

Union Grove ISD officials this week put up signs outside their schools stating employees are armed and will “use whatever force is necessary” to protect students in the district, according to News-Journal news partner KETK.

The Union Grove ISD board in January enacted a policy to allow select, licensed and trained teachers and administrators to possess a firearm on campus. Community members wholeheartedly supported the move.

And just 4 months later, the program was enacted and the first signs went up:


The policy in place for concealed carry is rigid, and is school board approved.

The policy states only those school employees who have obtained and maintain a current license to carry a concealed handgun, in accordance with state law, are eligible to be selected. Additionally, it states any employee who is authorized to possess a gun must complete — at the district’s expense — additional training in crisis intervention, management of hostage situations and other “relevant” training that the board determines necessary. The school board is considering allocating $10,000 a year in its budget to pay for training.

And now, we look back over that first year at an armed Union Grove School district.  Guns welcome, warning signs for criminals posted on the property, and not a shooting.

Don’t like schools shootings?  Texas teachers have got it figured out, and now we have proof it is working!



8 Responses to Don’t like school shootings? Texas teachers’ plan is working!

  1. Perhaps since it is a school district their sign should be grammatically correct – “staff” is singular not plural – sign should read “staff is armed” not “are” armed!!!

  2. The shooting 12/14/12occurred in Newtown CT. Being factual makes your case better.

  3. Seano, you are a complete fool if you think arming teachers is the right way to go. What happens when one of them feels threatened by a student and opens fire and mistakenly kills your daughter? Everybody carry a gun and we’ll all be safer. #stupidity

  4. finally a school that has some smarts

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