*Breaking* Iraq: ISIS guerilla’s have U.S. Stinger’s, Spec Ops enroute


(File photo:  National Guard test Stingers 1999)

In only a scene from a bad movie, The Pentagon has now stated that the violent ISIS Sunni guerilla insurgency that is destroying Iraq-have captured American made, advanced Stinger Missiles from abandoned U.S. military bases.

President Obama hastily withdrew U.S. forces from Iraq in a move even former UK prime minister Tony Blair is now blasting.

The missiles, ‘most likely captured in overrun abandoned military bases’, have the capability to shoot down military aircraft, defeat chaff counter measures, and can easily take down a passenger jetliner.

Maj. Gen. Bob Scales (ret.) tells Fox News it may be as many as 100 Stingers.  “But it only takes ONE to shoot down a passenger jet.”

The President has now notified Congress that he is sending back into Iraq 275 Special Forces.  Armed drones are also on the way back to the collapsing country.

But all of this may be mute to put down the massive insurgency, as Fox News Jennifer Griffin reports:  “Once these guerillas are inside cities, we won’t be able to find them” (as they hide amongst the population).

The heavily armed guerilla’s have now been reported to have shot down an Iraqi military helicopter as well.

(Breaking now/Updates coming)


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  1. Why the FRIG were we even in Iraq in the first place?! Too bad we killed Saddam. He would have kept them all in check and we never would have lost one of our own soldiers or killed so many women and children. Iraq was a colossal mistake.

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