9 Responses to *BAM* TX Rep. Stockman w/needle in Lois Lerner haystack

  1. The art of misdirection is illusion!

  2. what does it take to charge lerner, confiscate her computer, allow IT specialis access to her computer at the IRS and her personnal computer. if anything i found, add more charges. somebody needs to get off their ass holder appointed one of his obama flunkies to look into it, he should of let the FBI look into it with all results going to congress, not holder.

  3. obama has his cronies in the NSA also, and it does not bother them to Lie and coverup for the president and his administration (i.e. Clapper, Dempsy, Holder, etc),,,,, congress needs to let civilian corporation IT specialist try to find her lost records. I would say FBI, but they work for Holder, and we know it would not happen. Her prsonnal laptop needs to be checked also.

  4. We sure could use those shovel ready shovels right now to help shovel all the shit being slung around by this administration.

  5. This is TOTAL BULLSHIT . Don’t ask him to release it . Demand HE release it . Congress has the power to do that .stop jerking the American people around and do your job

  6. If the government was in the business of releasing information on request, we would never have any scandals… I hope I am wrong, but I foresee a point where the admiral is contacted by our complainer in chief, and told to ignore this request… Or worse, ordered to release only the non-incriminating data

  7. Damn good move Stockman. If I was a Fag, I’d kiss you.

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