4 armed Mex. police cross border RELEASED: MARINE STILL CAPTIVE


A vacationing President Obama missed a free opportunity to bring home our jailed Marine from a Mexican prison.

According to the El Paso Times, 4 Mexicans did exactly the same thing as jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi by accidently crossing the international border between the two countries.  Tahmooressi has been beaten and tortured while held captive for over 2 months:  The Mexican’s, however, were quickly released.

On the evening of June 5, Border Patrol agents found a man with a gunshot wound to a leg near farms about two miles east of Hudspeth County line, Border Patrol spokesman Agent Ramiro Cordero said Friday. Four other men were arrested after crossing the border.

Cordero said that the four men were Chihuahua state police officers who were armed and had mistakenly crossed the border searching for the wounded man. The international boundary is at the middle of the Rio Grande, which was dry at that location, he said.

The armed men were not discovered until this past Saturday.

President Obama, who spent the weekend in Palm Springs at a fundraiser and golfing-has not commented on the flubbed opportunity.

The missed prisoner exchange comes on the heels of Obama’s release of 5 deadly Taliban commanders for a U.S. soldier that had wandered off a military post and is believed to have deserted his fellow troops.

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  1. dose anyone think this president will ever stop fund raising? into his 6th year and still running for office that he is not able to perform the duty’s of.. what an ###

  2. We had a chance to trade one brave Marine for a bunch of invaders. This administration is sooooo estupidos.

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