*Breaking* Select American staff prepares to evacuate Iraq Embassy


While Veterans across America watch in horror of their work in Iraq collapsing, the $600 Million dollar American Embassy in Bagdad is preparing for at least a partial employee evacuation.

Many staff members who are leaving will be flown to Amman, Jordan, where they will continue their work at the embassy there. Others will be shifted from Baghdad to consulates here in Irbil, in the northern Kurdish region, and in Basra, in the south, which are not now under threat by the militants.

Other Americans in Iraq, particularly contractors working for companies that had been training the Iraqi military on weapons systems purchased from the United States, have already been evacuated from the country.

The move, being characterized as a ‘relocation’, is to begin happening this week.  It comes on the heels of ISIS and Sunni insurgents gaining control of many Iraqi cities, hopeful that Baghdad will be the prize of them all.  New, gruesome photos being posted of ISIS insurgents murdering mass numbers of Shiite loyalists in Iraq bring a somber reminder of how far the country has fallen since the Obama ambivalence, then withdrawal of US forces in 2011.  From Slate:

That, of course, leads us to the other reason why U.S. forces were withdrawn: There were many Iraqis, and in particular many Shia Iraqis, who wanted American troops out of the country. Yet as Kimberly and Frederick Kagan have argued, the Obama administration could have done much more to reach an agreement with the Iraqi leadership. Indeed, Michael R. Gordon of the New York Times reported in 2012 that Iraqi lawmakers sensed that the president was ambivalent at best about committing to Iraq, and this made them far less inclined to pay a political price for hammering out a deal.

Stay tuned on this one.  ‘Partial’ evacuation or not, this thing is just beginning to boil over…


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