Guess what flag was hoisted on our Israeli Embassy on Flag Day??

June 14 is our Flag Day:  A day to honor and respect the Stars and Stripes.  A day where POW/MIA flag would be a good fit; if you are going to promote a cause worthy of the great sacrifices that ALL our flag represents.

But not under Obama.

Gay Pride.  That’s the flag they hoisted along, with the American Flag over our Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel.  On Flag Day.


Why not our POW/MIA?  It would seem much more appropriate to honor all those that sacrificed for our flag, right?  And not just one group??

[**Edit:  My point is that one group does not serve our flag any better than another.  It’s Flag Day, it should fly alone at best.  Why be polarizing and highlight individual groups?  And if they are flying it all week, why June 14 Flag Day??  That’s all… ~~Seano]

What about honoring the Holocaust victims?  You’re in Israel, after all!

And this isn’t the first we are finding about this.

“The Tel Aviv embassy gesture to the local gay community is not the first of its kind though. Last month, according to Spanish media reports, the gay pride flag flew over U.S. Ambassador James Costos’ official residence in Madrid, and last September, the flag was unfurled by Ambassador Theodore Sedgwick at the U.S. Embassy in Bratislava, in Slovakia.”

And it was done on our Flag Day.  Not everyone is happy about it, either.

Here’s more from Fox News and Paul Alster:

“I see that it is OK to put up a gay pride flag over an embassy but not ok for military members to espouse their religious beliefs in God,” read a post on the Embassy’s page, attributed to Grant Hix Jones. “I am ashamed to see those flags side by side.”

I’m at a loss.  Seriously, make a statement on Flag Day?  Or, am I just wrong about this and it’s really nothing?

*Update:  A reader brought to my attention the embassy may not have known it was Flag Day.

Well, that’s my rant :)

Here’s more of the story.


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4 Responses to Guess what flag was hoisted on our Israeli Embassy on Flag Day??

  1. screw those pigs

  2. They were celebrating gay pride week in Tel Aviv. It was just coincidence that it was our flag day. It’s rare that they celebrate anything gay in the middle east so even if we don’t always receive tolerance for our views we probably should show some for theirs this time.

    • Thank you Cynthia! My point was not about being intolerant; it was just the day. And the Embassy not knowing it was our Flag Day didn’t cross my mind. It some cases it is worse, that is something they should know. I appreciate the sentiment, and thank you for stopping in!! ~~Seano

  3. this sickens me, I’m tired of all this administrations crap being shoved down my throat.

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