Get 6 to 14 soldiers ambushed? That’s a ‘mass killing’ on U.S. soil.


“Gun Control.”  Liberals favorite two words, whenever there is (sadly) 5 or more people killed at one time on U.S. soil.  But not if you’re a scandal ridden President that needs a photo op.

By almost every account of those who were there, Bowe Bergdahl got between 6 and 14 people killed while looking for him after his desertion.  That’s a pretty *decent number* for a mass killing here back home.

Colonel David Hunt
“Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter. Bergdahl on June 20, 2009 crawled underneath a wire at his fire base with water, food, a change of clothes, a knife and a cell phone. He called his unit the day after he deserted to tell his unit he deserted… Bill, we lost 14 soldiers, killed, searching for a deserter.

So:  Why the mental health Red Carpet rollout for this guy?

They were already priming us for his ‘defense’ before he got back.  (Bergdahl has arrived back in the U.S. early this morning.)

From the Washington Post:  Before he became a Taliban prisoner, before he wrote in his journal “I am the lone wolf of deadly nothingness,” before he joined the Army, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was discharged from the Coast Guard for psychological reasons, said close friends who were worried about his emotional health at the time.

The 2006 discharge and a trove of Bergdahl’s writing — his handwritten journal along with essays, stories and e-mails provided to The Washington Post — paint a portrait of a deeply complicated and fragile young man who was by his own account struggling to maintain his mental stability from the start of basic training until the moment he walked off his post in eastern Afghanistan in 2009.

Reports from those on the ground have spoken how the accuracy of the enemy IED’s improved after he deserted.  As if the enemy was 1 step ahead of our guys in their search for this *missing* American soldier.  Carefully executed attacks that would take some pretty *sane* individuals to layout, implement and follow thru to success.

But:  Is this guy a fraud?  On his Coast Guard discharge,  he told a friend:

“I said, ‘What happened?’ ” this friend recalled. “He said he started to feign (emphasis added) a psychological disorder, saying strange things to get out. I remember flat out calling him out on it — I said, ‘There is something else going on.’ He said, ‘I chose to do it.’

Whether or not he was suffering from mental health issues, is now beside this point.

Whenever there is a mass shooting here at home, we immediately hear screams for gun control.  But the liberals almost NEVER start discussing the mental health problems that plague these individuals:  How almost ALL of them were on or currently on some psychotropic drug.  The hypocrisy here is nauseating.

So why the double standard?

Personally, I believe a terribly advised photo op for a shallow President. As shameful as that may be to suggest, with this President it fits.  Besieged by scandal after scandal, he reached for what he thought would be his last straw above water.  He rode out to the podium with Bergdahls parents, believing he was on some trophy horse to come save the day of his disastrous administration.

In the end, the President did a grave injustice to those that have mental health problems.  Dismissing those who suffer after a mass shooting by going after guns, yet embracing a different kind of killer via photo op when it’s political, is simply disgraceful.

And in this case, poorly planned...


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3 Responses to Get 6 to 14 soldiers ambushed? That’s a ‘mass killing’ on U.S. soil.

  1. I’m curious about the dynamic between father and son. Bob seems proud that his son “lived” with this group for five years. Mom seemed nervous. Bowe’s writings seem to be below a fifth grade level – I’ve seen third graders write better than he can. It’s been said that his dad encouraged him to question life in military. Makes no sense to me. Was he really mentally strong enough to handle going over there in the first place? Epic fail for the military. Makes me ill to think that, even though Bowe committed the actions, how much of it was pushed onto his instability by his dad. BTW – I am NOT excusing the actions!

  2. they knew he was a deserter, its all smoke and mirrors , took the pressure off the va for awhile. not to mention all the other scandals Now they’ll try him and find he is mentally unstable to stand trial so he’ll go free

  3. Should have left the bastard behind. I would have expected them to leave me behind instead of releasing the 5 terrorists and I wasn’t a deserter. And what happened to all they left behind in Vietnam. No mention of that.

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