**Breaking** 2009 to 2011 Lois Lerner IRS emails…VANISHED.


The Obama Administration has apparently had a computer crash, resulting in the complete loss of all important emails needed in the IRS conservative targeting scandal.  The crash occurred during the key 2 year period Congress had requested all correspondance between Ms. Lerner and the administration related to the IRS targeting of conservatives.

Reported to you directly from the House Ways and Means committee:

Oversight Subcommittee Chairman Charles Boustany Jr., M.D. (R-LA) added, “In the course of the Committee’s investigation, the Administration repeatedly claimed we were getting access to all relevant IRS documents. Only now – thirteen months into the investigation – the IRS reveals that key emails from the time of the targeting have been lost. And they bury that fact deep in an unrelated letter on a Friday afternoon. In that same letter, they urge Congress to end the investigations into IRS wrongdoing. This is not the transparency promised to the American people. If there is no smidgeon of corruption what is the Administration hiding?”

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I have no words…


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9 Responses to **Breaking** 2009 to 2011 Lois Lerner IRS emails…VANISHED.

  1. This is akin to the “Watergate tapes”!!!!!

  2. Do we yet see and smell the tyranny?

  3. there is noway it can be permanently erased unless someone intentionally went in to destroy the hard drive. Dont put that past obama and holder. well if those 2 years are missing, then those are the 2 years to check because it is a attempt to hide something during that period. i would like to know why her computer was not confiscated when the scandal was first started. and if it was a craash, why would it only select 2 years and not everything. corruption!

  4. Yeah I know how that feels,,,hey,,I think my computer also crashed during that time frame and I lost all my IRS Taxpayer info,,oh well,,,

  5. Emails don’t vanish from the source of the mail, and they don’t vanish from the mail client. They may “disappear” from your mailbox – that’s called “deleting.”
    Congress can’t let her get away with this!

  6. This is beyond belief. Being in the business of providing email support for a municipality, one of the major points is retaining emails – BY LAW – specifically for a number of purposes, once of which is to support FOIA requests, but also because these forms of correspondence are required to be filed in archives. Even the Mayor of a small town – their email must be retained pretty much indefinitely – so you know the heads of agencies, correspondence with other agencies – all of those emails are retained, ESPECIALLY at the FEDERAL level. They now have email archive systems, additionally no one sets up email servers without redundant RAID configurations, regular backups, etc. Even if the server were to go down, the email can be reconstituted as soon as a new server is setup and the backup applied. The Federal government has so many rules and regulations for Confidential and Classified emails, there is no way they lost the emails. Total horsecrap.

  7. The internet is forever!! Gotta be some way to retrieve them!! This is just almost the last straw! Do they actually believe the American people are that stupid?!?!

  8. NSA should have a copy…

  9. Hard drives cannot be erased and what ever data base the IRS is hooked up to has copies of all emails….no excuse, go to the source!!!

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