The hits keep coming. Poll: MSNBC still sucks. Like, the MOST.


Quick hit:  Rachel Maddow makes a reported $7 Million per year, a mill or so more than Megyn Kelly.  Reading a lib site Mediate the other day, it looks like Fox is getting Rachel’s money worth.  They pay those people a Kenyan King’s ransom to suck over there.  

And it’s working.  Check it out.

From Mediate:

Among all Americans surveyed, only 5% identify MSNBC as their “most trusted” TV news outlet, while Fox (25%), broadcast networks (23%), and CNN (21%) make up the top three. Now, of course, the argument could be made that MSNBC’s just trusted by the fewest because of exposure (CNN and Fox are much bigger household names; and broadcast networks are still the dominant news outlets in the ratings).

So, how super sucky did Keith Olberman and what’s his name Baldwin have to be to get booted out of THAT place?  



Your thoughts!