Dislike the term ‘RINO’? Please listen to David Brat’s words…


Tea Party backed David Brat, off of his historical win in the Virginia primary beating House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, had these words with Sean Hannity after the upset victory.


“Although I had tremendous Tea Party support and just wonderful people in the Tea Party grass roots helping me out, and they’re clearly responsible for the win, but I ran on the Republican principles.

And we have this Republican creed in Virginia in that the only problem with the Republican principles is no one’s following them. First one is a commitment to free markets. We don’t have any free markets in this country anymore, right? And then equal treatment under the law, and fiscal responsibility, constitutional adherence, peace through strong defense, and then faith in God, and strong moral fiber. That’s what I ran on, the Republican creed.”

Catch that?  Sounds like he isn’t impressed with people running around forgetting what we used to be, and just flaunting themselves as Republicans In Name Only…

It would be nice to get back to our roots, and not have it necessary to use or hear that term anymore…  ~~Seano

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10 Responses to Dislike the term ‘RINO’? Please listen to David Brat’s words…

  1. Republicans need to focus on matters that matter to people. Brat is correct, we are no longer a capitalist economy. We need competition again. But that translated to income inequality. That is the “public” issue and unless republicans can frame the discussion in those types of real terms, we are going to lose the battle and the war!

    • Sorry I hit the wrong key again. What I was about to finish was. If we lose the war we will have to fight with our lives, honor, and the few who still have their guns the rest will fight with what ever we have .

  2. I hate the word “RINO”. It has been used against me inferring I am not the right kind of conservative. Once I said I like Sarah Palin OKAY. My conservative friends came down on me like white on rice. And that is just one example.

    • Dot:
      It always takes a very strong person to stand up and defend our convictions of what we believe in. I as well have been a target of so called “conservatives”. I wonder if they are attacking me to validate themselves.

  3. These words are music to my ears. I can only hope he doesn’t get jaded by the Washington “Glitterotzie” and develop the attitude so many senior republicans have – “the go along to get along” syndrome.

  4. I in fact like the word “RINO”. I wear the title with pride I refuse to support the GOP until there are some major changes in the leadership. From the top of the leadership down local leaders. We need more directions and a real clear platform. I want to be clear I am only talking about the RNC. Not the loyal foot soldiers who are the backbone of the party.

    • Then you are against the term, or at least what it stands for I think you meant to say! RINO’S are the fakers, and Mr. Brat was gently calling out those big government, heavy spending ‘Rino’ Republicans… :)

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