Tea Party: Why Progressives and Rinos just don’t get it.


The stunning *upset* victory of unknown economics professor David Brat over (R) Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is a functioning political system at its finest. And it’s also time for homework on what happened.

For starters:  The Tea Party isn’t a Party.  It’s just a person.  It doesn’t have $32,000 per plate fundraisers and background checks to get in:  Instead, it has 32 lbs of hamburger, maybe 32 people and ‘don’t forget the check-book’.

The Tea Party doesn’t have a national committee address.  It’s not found headquartered at 310 First Street (RNC), or 430 South Capitol Street (DNC) in the Nations Capitol.   Instead, It’s found in coffee shops, church picnic’s, tenable community fundraising events and bake sales.

The Tea Party doesn’t have Warren Buffet, Beyonce, Goldman Sachs and a dog named Fluffy.  Instead it’s Veterans, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham and sometimes Uncle Mike who really needs a damn shower.


The Tea Party does not have a national convention in a big important city somewhere; it meets in a tractor cab in a corn field at 10 oclock at night.  Messages from ‘Tea Party’ are not robocall’s, massive text broadcast’s and posted to 300,000 likes on Facebook; they’re written on the back of napkins, dusty yellow sticky post it notes and the empty envelope of a previous property tax bill.

It’s the gal in the pickup driving by the diner, yelling out the window ”make sure y’all get out and vote tonight.”


The Tea Party is 1 person, finding and working with other individual people.

The Tea Party is 2 random staffers working for an unknown political campaign, against an incumbent ‘too big to fail’.

The Tea Party is 3 shifts, little food and an over-worked pair of shoes.

The Tea Party is 4 anyone, powered by the Constitution.

And as long as it stays plugged in locally, it will never go away…


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5 Responses to Tea Party: Why Progressives and Rinos just don’t get it.

  1. I am tired of names, Tea Party, Republican, Democrat…Forget the names, I am just one pissed off American and with help from other pissed off Americans; WE WILL TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

  2. Love this, Sean! Quick read and to the point!

  3. And THIS is how we start taking our country back. I pray it continues.

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