Gen. Jack Keane: Pentagon ‘Outraged’


June 8, 2014 ~ Fox News Chris Wallace sat down with Ret. 4 Star General Jack Keane to discuss the events surrounding the Bergdahl ‘trade for terrorists’ deal masterminded by Barack Obama.  First:

Keane spoke Sunday with Fox News’ Chris Wallace about the political implications of the prisoner transfer, with the general becoming the latest to contradict National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s assertion that the returned Army Sgt. “served with honor and distinction.” (emphasis added)  The Daily Caller

Ms. Rice is out on a limb all by herself on that one, and there’s nothing really shocking about the obvious.  Everyone is in agreement:  what the hell is she DOING in that job?!

But this was interesting:

“And how have the military leaders you’ve talked to this week — I know you’re close touch with a lot of folks, still, at the Pentagon — how do they view the way this week has rolled out?” Wallace asked.

They’re outraged that the president, at the Rose Garden ceremony, was actually promoting an event in terms of public relations,” Keane declared. “And then taking his family — who by the way, the military had advised to maintain a very low profile, and they had maintained a low profile for years.”

“And then to put them in front of the cameras like that and begin a celebration, I think that created not only anguish among those who were his teammates and those who may’ve lost his lives in rescuing him,” the general explained, “but senior military leaders looked at that and just shook their head and said, ‘Why are we doing something like that?’” (emphasis added)

Have we ever in our history saw a ‘Commander in Chief’ SO disrespect our military; from the young soldier all the way up to our General’s?  Desert them, betray them (Extortion 17) and all out dismiss them?  

 Well General’s:  Anytime you want to stand up and renew our hope and make a change, you got alot of supporters out here…  😉  ~~Seano

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10 Responses to Gen. Jack Keane: Pentagon ‘Outraged’

  1. Obama’s sanity is very much in question. He should be ‘relieved of command’.

  2. i dont understand why the military top brass will not arrest obama for treason and other crimes aganst the usa .
    he has disrespected every military man and women he has disrespected the citizens the constutution and has just broken so many laws not to mention broke his oath of office along with other politicians much as citizens do we have to suffer before we take matters into our own hands and take this country back.
    and to me but the top brass and other federal agencies they are broken oath of their office and to god and country for letting these thing keep going on when is enough before our top brass and top federal agents say ok time for arrest and do their job

  3. This shows how disgusted our military, who we trust to keep our country safe, is when they see before their eyes this pres has taken control of everything. At best, he is not a military leader, let alone a leader at all. In the end, our country could pay too high a price.

  4. This president spits in the face of our military and pays them nothing but lip service when it promotes his political objectives. Our soldiers are nothing more than government employees to him. To use and manipulate as he deems necessary as long as he can take credit for it. He can’t stand our brave men and women because he is a coward. He is a disgrace to the office of POTUS. He is an enabler creating a society of people that “need” the government to survive. Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Give him another fish, you have a friend. Continue to feed him, you have a slave.

  5. The last resort would be a coup. With wave after wave of Obama’s destructive policies and decisions, we are at the point where that’s all we have left. Our leaders in DC are doing NOTHING to stop him.

  6. I’m sure the SS is waiting for a nod, from the Joint Chiefs…

  7. I don’t think they are capable of acting without orders. I pray I am wrong but I believe I has already rid the military of any higher ups he would have had to worry about.

  8. I would serve again under this General Keane any time but not under Obama.

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