#DumpingGate: Read this carefully, You’re gonna scream.


And announced by A.G. Eric Holder, no less.  Well first, here’s the lead-in:

“We’re taking a historic step to strengthen our justice system and protect the rights of the most vulnerable members of society,” Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said in a statement. “How we treat those in need, particularly young people who must appear in immigration proceedings — many of whom are fleeing violence, persecution, abuse or trafficking — goes to the core of who we are as a nation.” NY Times

So, what’s he talking about?

The Obama administration said Friday that it was starting a program to provide lawyers for children facing deportation as it scrambles to deal with the soaring number of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing the border from Mexico.  NY Times, cont.


YOU are now paying, with your tax dollars, for the legal defense of children who came here illegally to help them fight the system and stay here illegally!

You see how he’s doing this?  Destroy until we succumb.  To an immigration deal…  ~~Seano

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#DumpingGate #ImmigrationReform  Photo from AliPAC

18 Responses to #DumpingGate: Read this carefully, You’re gonna scream.

  1. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I write emails, I fax, I call to complain. All I get in return is a form letter saying how nice it was to hear from me. Well, if they had read anything I wrote, it would not have been nice to hear from me. My Congressmen are two RINO’s. McCain and Flake. When I vote now there is only one subject I will be checking out as to who to vote for. And that is illegal immigration.

    • Number one thing is get McCain out. We ARE getting closer, independent voters all over the internet regret voting for O the second time. Hillary has a tougher road ahead than she can imagine. Let’s get the Senate this fall, first important step. Hang in there Marilynn! ~~Seano

  2. The flood gates have been opened and we all are going to drown.

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  4. I came here legally , followed all the laws and rules and now after almost 15 years still my family is getting their tourist visas denied to come visit my family .My husband is serving in the military and its a slap in the face that all illegals have it made while people who follow rules being thrown around like dirty rags…..they’re getting rewards for breaking the law while I cant even have my family visit ….very frustrating

    • That is so unfair; you do it all right, while others get all the benefits. THANK YOU for the service and sacrifice your family goes thru. There are still many of us that respect and appreciate what military families go thru. God Bless!

  5. Better make sure Jeb Bush doesn’t get elected, he’s a freaking bleeding heart liberal under GOP guise! I am sick of Democrats but at least you know how they vote, but the GOP makes me want to scream! They have no backbone evidently!

  6. Not a thing will change until the border is sealed and Mexican authorities know they have no choice but to take care of their citizens.

    • I agree, by talking immigration deal now they are encouraging this mass influx of people. Their policy is going to devastate us if they don’t figure it out quick. Thanks for stopping in! ~~Seano

  7. How does a country solve it’s poverty and criminal problems? Export it to another country. Remember when Fidel opened up all the prisons in Cuba and said: “You’re free to go… to Florida.”

  8. Ronald Reagan was and is my favorite POTUS of all time. Let’s go back to 1986 and bitch-slap him for granting 3 Million illegal aliens amnesty and build the damn fence.

  9. I miss the country I used to live in, and am ashamed of the country we have become.

  10. After these illegals are granted permission to stay in this country, their parents and sibs back home will apply for family reunification. Of course it will be granted. Then Dad forgot to mention his brothers in-law and their children, so 50-60 more people will come in through the one child who comes here illegally. Oh, btw, we can’t leave out the elderly grandparents…..who will take care of them? What fools we are. We are being taken over by people who want on the gravy train.

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