The Obama Doctrine: Destroy Until They Succumb.


June 7 2014 ~ Chicago born author and progressive activist Saul Alinsky would be proud.  More like gushing.  The father of modern day ‘community organizing’ has a protege so effective, so diabolical he would be blushing in flattery at the execution of his unlikely student’s work.

Straight out of the writer’s book “Rules for Radicals” (which he literally dedicated to Lucifer before his death), Obama’s taken Alinsky’s rule #10 of 12 and graduated it to an art form:

10.  “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push thru and become a positive.”

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, along with the rest of the nation learned this week that 1000’s of illegal aliens were being ‘dumped’ in her state by the federal government. Whether her ‘finger point seen round the world’, or her political affiliation is the instigator, the President and his minions have put a target on her back and are pushing thru their program.

Reports first surfaced last week that scores of illegal immigrants in Texas were being flown, bused and then abandoned out of state in Arizona and elsewhere. After learning of the practice, Brewer sent a scathing letter to the president on Monday posing a string of questions about the policy. Brewer said Friday what little she has learned since then has made her even more concerned.

This is a crisis of the federal government’s creation, and the fact that the border remains unsecure – now apparently intentionally – while this operation continues full-steam ahead is deplorable,” (emphasis added) she said in a statement.

Brewer said the federal government never formally informed her administration of the practice and has never explained it.  (Fox News)

The Democrats have been screaming for years to ‘find an immigration solution’; ie an opportunity to add millions of mostly liberal voters that would instantly become dependent on the system ala Dem. Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ style.  And it would make them liberal voters (loyalists), seemingly for life.

By dumping tens of thousands of illegals in the House of Jan, she will be forced to a decision point:  Crack down hard on illegals and get tangled up for years in litigation VS. an immoral Attorney General in Eric Holder (and successor if he leaves), or succumb to the overwhelming burden it puts on her states law enforcement and economy, and ask the federal government for help.

IE:  Give in, after being beaten into submission.

This tactic is right out of the Alinsky playbook, letter by letter from rule #10 of 12.

And the Obama administration isn’t even shy about it.  Whether it’s the healthcare system, coal industry, our military or even school lunch programs, it appears the Obama Doctrine (and not yet written 13th rule) is quickly becoming:  “Destroy until they Succumb.”  ~~Seano

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  2. You’re so right, Seano. Who’d have thought he could’ve done this much damage to our country?

  3. We should all be outraged! By June 10th they are dumping 600 between the ages of 12-17 in Oklahoma

  4. she should dump them in a fema camp let the feds take care of them

    • Which we still pay for. That just leads to Great Society reliance, which is what they want in liberal land. Sad, keep the dependence going and you accomplish voter loyalty instead of responsibility.

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