Obama wins unprecedented 2nd Triple Crown


Congratulations, sir.  What a run!  First, it was Fast and Furious, Benghazi and IRS-Gate for your 1st Triple Crown.  In the first two legs, your brought us amazing performances in the deaths of innocent Americans that were just doing their jobs.  In the third leg, the targeting of law abiding, civilian conservative groups that just differed in ideology from yourself.

And now President Barack Obama, in only the 6th year of your presidency, you have made history and pulled off the unthinkable:

A 2nd Triple Crown against the American people, without an impeachment.

With the unimaginable trifecta in Obamacare (If you like your plan), VA Scandal (warned in 2008 and later did nothing/40 dead) and Bergdahl Trade for Terrorists (bypassing Congress), You sir will undoubtedly go down as the *greatest* in U.S. presidential history.


Let’s compare these feats in the recent past:

President Nixon only had 1 major impeachable scandal.  Watergate.  And unlike Benghazi, where 4 Americans were brutally slaughtered and left behind by the Commander in Chief, noone died resulting in his eventual impeachment.

President Clinton proudly made his run with 2 legs completed of the Triple Crown:  Whitewater and MonicaGate.  In the first, a scandal from alleged illegal banking activities many years earlier took years to investigate but amounted to no major penalties for the president or his wife.  The 2nd?  In a nod to his hero JFK from 2 decades earlier, Slick Willy had an affair with a young intern named Monica Lewinsky.  Although he escaped relatively unscathed after the affair, Congress still did it’s job in investigating.  Lesser controversies, ala Filegate and Travelgate, exonerated Bill and His wife Hillary of any wrongdoing other than probably lying.

President’s Reagan, Carter, Bush I an Bush II also had their scandals, as they all do.  But rising to the level of a Triple Crown, they all remained relatively unscathed in the end.

(R) Nixon and (D) Clinton are the only two that truly made it into impeachable territory.

But Obama?  Had a Republican been in the White House during Fast and Furious alone, it would have gone to the highest level of public scrutiny and congressional investigation.  Desertion of Americans as Commander in Chief in Benghazi?  Impeachable.  Targeting Americans using a federal agency (IRS), backing the Attorney General in not properly investigating it then lying to the American people there was no corruption?  Impeachable.  And that was just the first Triple.  He would follow up with Obamacare, the VA Scandal and Trade for Terrorists.

What a run…


So congratulatons, Mr. President.  Your 2nd Triple Crown.  You will have quite a legacy when you leave office!

You still have 2 1/2 years left.  What could you possibly do for an encore?  ~~Seano

(Cartoon by A.F. Branco Legal Insurrection)

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  1. The previous comment is really hilarious, if not embarrassing. By not siting the stupidity or offensiveness, of what Seano wrote does not equate. I thought of the blog was spot on, and one I never even thought of. I’ve voted for president since 1968, and this pres has won the distinction as the worst ever. No other pres has done so much harm to our country, and shame among the world. I just hope the world will actually see us, the American people, as people that care for our country and wants to make it better.

    • Thank you, George. Some people don’t want to hear the truth, and when they do they throw a sandwich at you… Whatever. Have a great Sunday my friend! ~~Seano

  2. Seano, you’re stupid and offensive!!!

  3. Seano, you’re stupid and offesive!!!!

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