Huffington Post and the Amazing (backfire) Poll!


June 10, 2014 ~ The media never does an across-all-networks poll on their own accuracy.  It could be suicide:  Imagine you find out in your own poll you came in last, and had to go on air and state:  “And in a new poll, we suck the worst”.

Not good.

So when the HUFFINGTON POST teamed up with YouGov to rate the Mainstream and Network media accuracy of coverage on a gigantic news event like the Boston Bombing, you would think they would put up billboards with the results.  ‘Huffpo calls out major media’; I mean think of the smart publicity you could of spun with this thing!

But there was a problem:  We heard crickets.  And nothing else.

Now, of course being they were polling Huffpo readers we know who would come in last:  Fox News, or as these psychos like to call the network, ‘Faux News’.

But there was one problem:  Something about the bombing made the respondents HONEST.

Check it out:  For accuracy in media reporting during the Boston Bombing crisis, liberal tv viewers voted:





5.  CNN

Wait for it.  We got to share this last one like the last bite of steak.  Ok, here we go:  In DEAD LAST place, Huffpo viewers religious haven:


Don’t change your contacts.  You actually read that correctly.  HUFFINGTON POST viewers, the liberal bastion of all filth in America, admitted in their OWN POLL that Fox was the best, and MSNBC was the worst.

And CNN was right there at the bottom.

SO, next time one of your liberal homey’s try that ‘you just listen to faux news line’, send them the link…  HuffPo Accuracy in Media.

But don’t count on them EVER doing that poll again 😉



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18 Responses to Huffington Post and the Amazing (backfire) Poll!

  1. It’s a poll. It’s not scientific, it’s a popularity contest. Participation could be skewed by any number of factors. If it were a poll comprised purely of bipartisan fact checkers, then maybe you’d have something to tout.

  2. The truth will ALWAYS prevail!

  3. “If you add up NBC CBS CNN ABC and MSNBC, Fox was trounced.”

    LOL. You can’t make this stuff up!

    • You miss the point. The poll was of ALL Americans. Not just liberal tv viewers. Your article is seriously flawed. Ie wrong

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      • Huffington Post

        YouGov has partnered with The Huffington Post to conduct daily public opinion polls on the issues of the day, and provide a polling widget allowing readers of the online news site to compare their views to those of the nation as a whole.


    • Politifacts. Fox 20% truth rating. Msnbc 72. I’ll believe that one. Fox Lies. Period

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      • You just conceded that my article was accurate. 1. Huffpo sponsored their own poll 2. MSNBC came in last
        That’s what my article was about. Nothing more or less than that.

        Thank you.

        Next, you unartfully tried to move the goalposts. Fail! But I’ll play along-You quoted Politifact. You might as well get Snopes and The National Enquirer involved too. But being you are using partisan websites for a NEW point of conversation, this is just not your day. This was released yesterday on mediate.

        I have 31 emails to get to, and several hundred new comments on my FB pages so I bid you a good day and God Bless! ~~Seano

  4. This article says that results were from Liberal viewers only. WRONG. The poll was all Americans. Get it right. If you add up NBC CBS CNN ABC and MSNBC, Fox was trounced. Figures don’t lie but liars sure like Fox

  5. BS. Liberal viewers picked fox number one. Not in a billion dinosaur years

  6. well MSNBC philosophy is to make it up as you go along why tell the truth making it up is better TV

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