Hillary on Bergdahl: “We bring everybody home.”


June 7, 2014 ~ Gulp.  In a recent interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, Hillary Clinton weighed in on current events. She was asked about President Obama’s decision to complete the Bergdahl ‘Trade for Terrorist’s’ swap.

Sawyer asked Clinton if the exchange of the Guantanamo Bay detainees for Bergdahl was like making “a deal with the devil,” to which Clinton replied, “I think this was a very hard choice.” She added, “There are competing interests and values. And one of our values is we bring everybody home off the battlefield the best we can. It doesn’t matter how they ended up in a prisoner of war situation.”

Sawyer asked Clinton if her support for Obama’s decision wavered given the controversy over Bergdahl’s capture and release, to which Clinton replied “It doesn’t matter,” and “We bring our people home.”  HuffPo

‘We bring everybody home’.  Yes, WE bring everybody home:  YOU don’t, when you’re illegally running guns thru Benghazi and don’t want the scandal to blow up on you and Obama 6 weeks before the 2012 presidential election.

Do the masses that watch these mainstream media networks even pay attention?!  How can one sit and watch this without asking some tough questions?  Diane Sawyer didn’t, when she should’ve made reference to the Benghazi Massacre and pushed for answers once Hillary opened the door!

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6 Responses to Hillary on Bergdahl: “We bring everybody home.”

  1. Gloria, as most LIBS you can’t see the corruption here. Ask yourself to list on a piece of paper the good that came from this knowing we got a deserter and they got 5 men who are going back to killing our American troops……

    • Darwin, get out a snickers bar, Gloria is now rummaging through articles from the Bush and Reagan years to attempt to justify her frivolous answer. I am sure thre will be included some 2003 article when Bush talked with middle easterners….next stumping question for Glora et al….list 2 things Hillary has accomplished? I can still picture a clip of Hillry telling the media she is her own woman, not a ‘stand by your man’ kinda gal…..of course unless he s getting his intern servicing…then she is all about standing by her man….another do- nothing in politics!

  2. We always bring them home, we always have. I think we got a pretty good deal trading 5 guys that were going to be let go in a year anyways, it was like getting something for nothing. A lot better than trading Money and Weapons like we did in previous administrations.

    • Gloria, the “we” you reference are not administrations, but military. WE make day-to-day decisions to return to the melee and carry home our dead, not some politician. Why is it you left-sided people cannot help yourself from bring up ‘ previous administrations’? Are you getting as tired saying ‘Bush’ as we do hearing it? How come Bush was such a bad President, yet your guy can’t get out of bed without having to re-define words that he says after he screws up yet ANOTHER domestic or foreign issue. This clown is way over his head, and acts like a 7 year old who is trying to be an adult, except he is dealing with lives of your friends and mine. The 5 released WILL kill Americans. I can only hoe when they do, you might reflect on this and realize how bad of a deal this was. No one in the military recommended this exchange, no one!

  3. I truly think that they can’t keep their lies straight and the media are so enamored by certain libs, like Killery, they don’t realize or see the dots they need to connect!! I am so disappointed in the media I rarely watch ANY news channel!!

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