SURPRISE!!  CBO admits, Obamacare cost unknown

President Barack Obama’s key legislative achievement, and undoubtedly his legacy, got a tumor sized bit of news this week: The Congressional Budget Office can no longer state it will save any money.


With plenty of blame to go around on the doomed Obamacare legislation, pinning it on one cause may be impossible at this point. The CBO admits that due to the continued push back of the most unsavory parts of the laws, any projections would most likely be inaccurate. It has stated it is now incapable of ‘assessing the overall (economic) impact of the law.’

A key selling point in the 2010 passing of the legislation was that it would save families and the federal government money. With liberals now joining what conservatives have said from the beginning and admitting that is not the case, this latest news will not help keep the law on the books without massive changes.

And it gets worse.

It was announced this week that over 2 million ‘enrollees’ had discrepancies and shortcomings in their files. And this doesn’t count the elusive numbers of those that haven’t yet paid.

Serco, Inc., a government contractor responsible for finding and fixing the enrollee discrepancies, stated; “Current system access and functionality … limits the ability to resolve outstanding inconsistencies.”

But it gets even worse.

Several states including Minnesota, Nevada, Hawaii, Vermont and more are now admitting they have ‘major flaws’ on their state run exchange programs, and will need more funds to fix them.

Oregon, Massachusetts and Maryland have already declared failure.

Finally, the worst/best news of all: The law has not even come close to full implementation yet because of election year politics and Obama mandated delays.

Of his own signature legislation… ~~Seano

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  1. I don’t think it was ever designed to succeed.

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