BERGDAHL: White House aides change story, now claim 'Senate Leak' concern

June 5 2014 ~ Some senior officials at the White House have now dropped the claim that captive Sgt. Bergdahl’s health was in dire condition; they now claim they feared the Senate intelligence committee would ‘leak’ information of the pending trade for terrorists and it could put Bergdahl’s life in imminent danger. In a report today from Fox News, Obama administration officials downplayed the health situation and shifted focus to potential Washington leaks as a concern for Bergdahls release. Although the Senate intelligence committee knew and kept secret for months leading to the operation to get Bin Laden, the White House shift comes just after the Taliban publically released a video which has gone viral worldwide showing a seemingly healthy Bergdahl during the prisoner exchange. The administration has still not released an update on medical findings from Bergdahl’s stay in a Landstuhl, Germany military hospital. The administration is still under fire from Democrats and Republican lawmakers that say the release of the Taliban Commanders was illegal without Congressional notification.

2 Responses to BERGDAHL: White House aides change story, now claim ‘Senate Leak’ concern

  1. at this point what difference dose it make. This administration will never tell the truth even when it sounds better.

  2. My thoughts…do you have 12 hours…how about 12 days. This president makes me want to scream with total disgust!!!

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